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Loving Business - Divine Direction

Passion, Purpose, Path & Profit

Hi! I'm Sharyn with a Why, I'm a Soulpreneur PATHFINDER, offering Teaching and Support in life and business to Soulpreneurs who are making a difference to themselves and the world. This is you if .... 

  • If you love LoVe LOVE what you do in the world, and
  • If your business is based upon turning your special gifts or skills or passion into creating a living, and
  • If you’d like some practical but gentle Holistic Life|Business management, support or coaching

then WELCOME! It’s great to meet 👋 you ?

Running a business is not for everybody but trust me when I say, that if you feel called to serve and for you that means running your own business, then you already have the ability and wisdom inside you to run that business successfully - regardless of whether or not you feel like you do right now!

You may need some training or some support, but I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS!

I offer Soulpreneurs the bespoke support journey that suits them, with a mix of self study, group support and one to one explorations.

You'll find details of all my current offers below (and lots of freebies), If you can't decide what service would best suit you, then drop me a DM using the blue chat button in the bottom right of this screen. It will connect us in messenger and we'll work it out together.

Take care and aje a wo g'ba
Sharyn x

PS - This little corner of the superweb is powered by MemberVault. If you also use MemberVault (or if you're thinking of using it ...) - I'm also a MemberVault Certified Partner, so if you're stuck in your MemberVault creation journey, click here for a special offer (with strategy, not tech!) >> MemberVault creation journey 

Available Services

Loving Business Hub

All of Sharyn's free to access content (or it will be eventually)!

Videos, book reviews, blogs, life|business tips.

And the My Why Series - an interview series with beautiful SOULpreneurs. Would you like to be interviewed? 


A Haven for SOULpreneurs

John Donne wrote 'No man [or woman] is an island entire of itself', and it's my belief that having a business family that supports you and your alignment is integral to your SOULpreneur success.

Creating Resonance is an on-line group for Soulpreneurs where we explore and create our life and business in alignment with the cosmos. If you'd like to know more about what we get up to, click "Learn More" for a sneak peak. 


Whether it's exploring a new idea, or perhaps talking about your pricing, or maybe even help with writing a bio or elevator pitch - a 22 minute Laser Focused Pathway Session is a great way to gain a different perspective. 


Whether it's supporting your life or your business, as a Soulpreneur, there's probably very little difference. I'm ready for a Deep Dive Pathfinder Session is there when you need help to go beyond yourself and see the wood in the trees. 

My Services Available Services
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