Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Sharyn with a Why. When I started my self employed journey, I had a dream that I might create a space, or haven, where Soulpreneurs could share the highs and lows of their life and business, pick my brains, and have access to the collective wisdom of the group, all at an affordable price ...

Welcome to Creating Resonance - a Haven for Soulpreneurs who are Loving Business!

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Creating Resonance - a haven for Soulpreneurs - its an opportunity to work ON your business rather than IN your business for 90 minutes each week.

Each month follows the creative theme of the new moon and you consider how this might impact your business | life, and how you might work with the energies of the cosmos.

In line with my values, this is a place of showing up with honesty, a place where it's ok to share your bad day (or month) as well as sharing and celebrating your successes. It is a place of education and support for Soulpreneurs.

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Education Hub

If you'd like know more about Loving Business, head on over the website and education hub. My mission is to Educate and Support Soulpreneurs on their business journey. LovingBusiness.co.uk has all of my free resources in one handy place 

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Facebook Group

If you're not ready to join Creating Resonance, but you'd like to keep in touch, you might like to pop over to Facebook and join the Red Tent for Soulpreneurs Group. You'll find a wonderful tribe of like-minded souls, a monthly zoom and meetings in Hove

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Coaching with Soul

Perhaps you need a pivot partner, perhaps you need start up support, or perhaps you need a business buddy in your corner, whatever the reason, 1-2-1 bespoke Support with Soul is the best way to make the most progress, responding directly to your needs

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Share your Why

Would you like to be part of the "My Why" series? I turned 50 this year, and when thinking of how I might celebrate, I imagined interviewing 50 soul driven business people, and sharing their Why on my Facebook Page Sharyn with a Why

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Would you like to read a little more? If you don't fancy going over to the education hub, there's a selection of blogs here for you access with one click

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