Transcendent - Going Beyond

Transcendent - I woke up with this word buzzing around my head on Monday. I had a vague feeling of what it might mean but nevertheless, I looked in up in the dictionary.  

The part of the definition that struck me the most was “Going Beyond”.  

We are all stepping into unprecedented times and moving into a period of reflection and change: Going Beyond.  

Very few of us find change comfortable, especially when it’s forced upon us by circumstances outside of our control, but I’m reminded of nature and the seasons.  

We are naturally cyclical beings. Our bodies change as we go through the seasons of life: be that the moon cycles, the ageing process (or wisdom process as I prefer to call it!), the movement from night to day, or the movement through the seasons. Yet somehow, in our current experience of life, we have lost our connection to that cycle. We are encouraged to be on constant overdrive; we are always pushing,...

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Who Would You Invite to Dinner?

Did you ever answer that question, if you could invite anyone in the world, living or dead, to dinner who would you invite? 

I would invite: 

  • Pythagoras - Mathematician and explorer of life, 
  • Einstein - Scientist and explorer of life 
  • David Phillips - A prominent European numerologist and explorer of life 
  • Sydney Banks - The bringer of the 3 Principles and explorer of life 
  • Boudicca - Prodding at the status quo 
  • Amelia Earheart - Physical explorer and Pusher of boundaries, and I feel like she would be fun 
  • Ancient Tribal Leaders / Medicine Women (names unknown) linked to the power of the earth 
  • My closest friends, because they would love to meet them too, ask them questions and share experiences 

Are you seeing my theme? Principles, theories, exploration of life and pushing boundaries... 

Have a go at the exercise, I did it in the car as it’s where I do most of my creative thinking. Go to...

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Do You Colour Within the Lines?

My daughter and I spent hours colouring when she was little. It was one of the things we did together. Uninterrupted time, that was almost meditative. She became very good and coloured within the lines too at quite an early age. I am a very proud mama!

I was reflecting on that this morning, thinking about how often I colour OUTSIDE of the lines these days and how I can reconcile that with my message of ‘get more organised’!

I struggle with this a little bit because I do spend my time helping people get more organised when I’m working. Whilst at the same time I spend my free time reading about flow and amazing life experiences, abundance and working with life’s natural rhythms. You get the picture; if I wasn’t an accountant, I’d be a hippie!

Let me give you an example, I know from listening to my body that I need to finish work at a reasonable time in the evening, so I have some mental and physical downtime. I discuss this in the...

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Mastering the Wheel of Progress

basics business Feb 25, 2020

You may prefer to watch rather than read, to see this on video go to the VIP Membervault and watch it here - It’s free but you do need to sign up.


It’s very easy as a Solo Business Owner to become very busy, very quickly. But busy does not always mean productive, and productive does not always mean efficient.   

Let me explain. 

As a Solo Business Owner, you have to do all the things yourself, and in the process of learning how to do and be all the things, we can end up doing a lot of ‘stuff’ and convincing ourselves it’s all necessary. I don’t think it does any harm for us to review what we are doing with a graceful and gentle but critical mind. Asking ourselves, “Are all these things I do really necessary?”  

  • Productive is doing a lot of things or achieving a lot of things. The dictionary defines it as: “producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other...
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What’s the Worst that can Happen?

We are only born with two instinctive fears: loud noises and falling. Every other fear is learned externally; by witnessing someone else’s fear or from our own life experiences.   

That said, I’m not sure a day goes by when fear does not enter my thinking in some form or other, and it’s not usually a loud noise or a potential fall. Equally, I’m not sure a day goes by when someone doesn’t tell me on social media that I need to let go of my fears, or that fear isn’t real, or that fear is holding me back etc, etc.  

The thing is, we are programmed to feel and react to fear. It’s called the Flight, Fight or Freeze response; it’s part of our survival DNA. Whilst I appreciate that I’m not likely to be eaten by a sabre tooth tiger from my home in the UK, there are other consequences and outcomes of my actions or inaction.   

When faced with these many outcomes, fear is my body's instinctive way of...

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Business Basics Blueprint – Solopreneur Success Strategy – by Sharyn with a Why

When you started your Solo Business Journey you had a dream. Perhaps it was TIME freedom, or maybe FINANCIAL freedom, or even freedom to DO BUSINESS in your way or a mix of all three. But somewhere along the road, you got a little lost. You’re working more hours than you did when you were employed, you’re taking home less money than you did when you were employed, and you can’t remember what freedom feels like!  

Whether you are a Solo Business Owner, or you own a business of any size, to run a successful business you must have these three basic foundations: Self, Systems and Support. These can be interpreted and implemented in a way that suits you, but fundamentally to be successful they need to be there.   


Let’s look at them one at a time:  

Self – You are the most important asset in your business. Whether you are working alone, whether you are outsourcing work to other freelancers or whether you have a...

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Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry: How to Choose a Coach

I often see small business owners in private groups, asking what steps they should take when hiring a coach or joining a mastermind group. Because I've just undertaken that very step, and because I've been burned in the past, and because I offer these services, so I know how I want my clients to feel, I thought I’d share my thoughts.   

I want to start this post by saying I am an absolute advocate of Coaching, Mentoring and Masterminds. I offer them because I believe in them. When you are in the right one, they are like gold in your life and your business. However, take the time to choose the right one; you’ll know when you strike gold.  


1) Don't go shopping when you're hungry.  

You know what I mean, I'm sure you've been there. You're hungry but there's nothing in the house, so you go to the supermarket. When you arrive home to unpack your shopping, you find all sorts of goodies in the bags that you...

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The Solo Business Owner Time Trifecta

You no longer get paid directly for every hour you work; So, make each moment count! 

When I was starting out in business, I did the business maths like everyone else; number of clients I could see *multiplied by* the session fee =equals= potential income, and although it was naïve it appeared ‘doable’ and might even keep pace with my salary. All systems GO! 

What I didn’t really do was look at the amount of time I would need to spend on the other activities in my business. Did this one catch you out too? 

What do I mean? As well as doing whatever it is you do in your business you also have to ‘GROW’ your business and ‘RUN’ your business. Most Solo Business Owner overwhelm comes from juggling these three activities. We know we are good at what we do, our superpower, but we didn’t bank on everything else being down to us too! 

Do you know where you spend time in your business? Most...

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3.5 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Follow that Shiny New Object!

No 8 in my decade of solo business learning is - You need FOCUS to work for yourself. There’s lots of bright shiny objects to distract you, all cunningly disguised as being a busy business owner! 


When I wrote this, I was reflecting on distraction, and how easy it is to go down a rabbit hole when you work for yourself. Afterall, the freedom of working for yourself is not having to be accountable to anyone else, and the challenge of working for yourself, is not having to be accountable to anyone else!  

When I talk about overwhelm (bear with me, there is relevance) I most often talk about #JustOneThing. It’s the planning tool that I’ve found to be most effective and it’s the number one thing that gets me through overwhelm. If you’ve looked at the VIP Business Bounty Treasure Chest or any of my programmes, you’ll recognise the hashtag as I use it all the time.  


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Aim for Mastery: anyTHING else is the same as anyONE else

Talent is god-given, be humbleFame is man-given, be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful – John Wooden (Coach) 


You didn’t become great at what you do by accident. You became great at what you do with a mixture of talent, self-belief and consistent effort.  

I became an accountant, without A levels and without going to university. In fact, I failed my O level accounts, first time round! 

When I was at school, I wanted to be an accountant simply because my parents suggested that it was a good career. I signed up for GSE accounts at 14 years old and surprisingly, loved it. I was top of the school in the end of year exams. Then my teacher retired, and the new teacher was terrible (in my 15-year-old opinion), so I stopped working at it (to show her just how bad she was!) and guess what? I failed my GSE. Wasn’t I clever?! 

Then, I got a job in an accountancy office, determined to make it that way...

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