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I know you've had that feeling, when the thought of running your business is just too much - when all you really want to do is get into your creative space or serve more of your clients and make a difference in the world - but there is something ‘business’ that needs your attention, and then there's something else, and something else. Eventually these 'somethings' become so overwhelming you don't do anything ....

Welcome to Soulpreneur E-FISH-ency

These are weekly business basics delivery directly into your inbox. JustOneThing for you to do each week, which will gradually build into business e-FISH-ency. Some of them you will already have come across and implemented with varying degrees of success. Some of them will be brand new. Either way if you commit to this gentle 12-month programme and implement everything that feels right to you, JUST ONE BITE AT A TIME, I guarantee you will view 'business' differently and it will no longer feel like it's all too much.

Our theme is Systems, but specifically relating to :

Information organisation
HR and Legal. 

All the things you need to have running in the background of your business so you can concentrate on what's important - Your path and purpose. 

My mission is making a difference for you, so you can make a difference for others. I love the vision of ripples on a pond. I'm looking forward to working with you soon. 

Take care and Keep Shining
✨Sharyn with a Why✨
Business Alchemist and Pathfinder

PS - our IT elves also add them in here, so you can browse back over them and revisit any that you need to without saving all your emails. 

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