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You know that feeling when you find someone who's blog or video or ebook really called to you, and you'd love to know more, but preferably without searching in multiple places? or signing up to lots of different 'lists'?

Well here you go!

Eventually (I'm adding to it every week)  this will hold everything that I've EVER shared on Linked In or Facebook in one handy place. Organised into zones of genius so you need never search again! 

I do take your email and I do send out a periodic (weekly-ish) newsletter, but that's pretty much the only time you'll hear from me - It's called the Heart of Business - I hope you enjoy it.

Take care and Keep Shining
✨Sharyn with a Why✨
Business Alchemist and Pathfinder

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Soulpreneur Sweet Spot

In my experience, whether you are a Solo Business Owner, or you own a business of any size, to run a successful and happy business, you must have these three basic foundation stones in place :

Self, Systems and Support.

These can be interpreted and implemented in a way that suits you, but fundamentally to be successful they need to be there.  

This is an introduction to each foundation stone Self | Systems | Support, and the potential issues that might arise if these are not in place. Click View this topic below to read more .... read to the end for a special sweet spot offer from me to you 🎁

Business Basics Audit

I applaud your curiosity - which is actually just an excuse for me to include a crazy cat pic! 🐱
Seriously, curiosity is one of the most valuable skills a Soulpreneur can develop. Answering these questions about the most important foundations of any small business, will give you an insight into where you need to cast your curious eye next and whether I'm the one to point you in the right direction!

So what's inside - 
> A video outlining my thoughts on the foundations to a successful business
> A self assessment so you can reflect on the foundations of your business
> An opportunity to review your answers with me


As a Soulpreneur, YOU are the most important asset in your business. 

In this module, you'll find a few articles about what I call mYq - the understanding of yourself and how that impacts your experience of life. 

A combination of the elements that make up - you! Joined and woven together with the golden thread of love. 

IQ - your wisdom and intelligence
EQ - your emotional health and well-being
BQ - how well you know and listen to your body
PQ - Your passion and fire, your soul purpose


In this module, you'll find a few articles about what I consider one of the most important aspect of your business - Systems. We all need them, even if we work on our own.

Systems form 3 really important purposes. 

1. They ensure we are consistent in our approach - and not at the whim of how we feel
2. They give us a view into how we are now - then we can see if this how we want to be going forward
3. When we want to bring help and support into our business, we have a set of systems that we can ask someone else to follow - making sure they do is both "For us and LIKE us"


When I left "Corporate-land" to start my Soulpreneur business, I was struck by how 'alone' I felt. I was so used to having a team, not only the close team I worked with, but also the support team of the wider business (come-back IT department all is forgiven!)

In this module we explore the support we need as a Soulpreneur, because let's face it - your family and friends are not cutting it! 

You might need a coach for one to one support. You might need a group - be that a speciality group or a networking group. You might need some 'whos' to help you rather than finding out about the 'hows'

Whichever it is - Soul-preneur, does not need to mean Sole-preneur

My Why Series - 50 super soulpreneurs to celebrate my first 50 years!

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