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Loving Business - A Sanctuary for Soulpreneurs


John Donne wrote 'No man [or woman] is an island entire of itself', and it's my belief that having a business family that supports you and your alignment is integral to your SOULpreneur success.

When I started my self employed journey, I had a dream that I might create a space, or haven, where Soulpreneurs could share the highs and lows of their life and business, pick my brains, and have access to the collective wisdom of the group, all at an affordable price ...

You have no IDEA how proud and excited I am to say **Drum roll if you please** Welcome to Creating Resonance - a Haven for Soulpreneurs

Creating Resonance is an opportunity to work ON yourself and your business, rather than losing yourself IN your business, for just 90 minutes each week.

Each month follows the creative theme and wisdom of the new MOON as you consider how this might impact your business | life, and how you might work with the energies of the cosmos.

In line with my values, this is a place of showing up with honesty, a place where it's ok to share your bad day (or month) as well as sharing and celebrating your successes. It is a place of education and support for Soulpreneurs.

We meet every Monday at 2pm using Zoom (although all meetings are optional) and there's a private Community Space currently within Facebook. 

We honour the cycle of the Moon as she waxes and wanes, and as such each month we go though a period of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. 

All for the incredible investment of £22 per month or £222 per year.

If you'd like to sign up and take advantage of the FREE 14 day trial then click the link above and say hello! - but do make sure you have space in your diary for the Moon-day meetings - that's where you'll experience the wonderful energy of the community! 

We'd love to welcome you. 

Take care and Keep Shining
✨Sharyn with a Why✨
Business Alchemist and Pathfinder

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Creating Resonance Planning Rhythms

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New Moon Themes and Intentions

Full Moon - Progress and Potential

Native American Medicine Moons

Druidry Exploration

Astrology and Cosmic alignment

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£22 per month or £222 per year

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